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In August, 2023, I started what, for me, was a bit of an experiment: a newsletter I call Rectangle | Square. It's a semi-monthly thing where I write about what I'm working on (articles, books, art, projects), talk about things I'm reading and thinking about (among them, urban policy & stewardship), and share the photos of our beloved cat Kaju that hold it all together and cleanse the newsletter palate.

My notes are split up into three sections: Happenings (thoughts and updates), T. Recs (what I'm reading, watching, otherwise consuming or experiencing that I like), and Tangents (unexpected forays into a topic during writing or research).

The title of the newsletter may (or may not) shed some light on what to expect. It refers to the rectangle-square relationship: a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn't a square. For no particular reason, I find this pleasing, to the point that I did the below to an outlet cover in our apartment. I like the distinction. I like that both feature parallels and connections. I like finding things that fit their schema. And yet I find my own attachment a little inexplicable. I hope you'll come aboard! You can subscribe above and check out past installments below.

Newsletter Archive

5 | Labels, Darlings, Collectives
March 2024

4 | Prints, Hustlers, Eponyms
January 2024

3 | Homecomings, Mutual Aid, Little Boxes
December 2023

2 | Practice, Nurseries, Franking
October 2023

1 | Book, Bay Watch, Swamp Dragons
August 2023

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