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Selected Essays & Intervews
Ways and Means
Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas, UC Press, October 2016

Seeing Like a Burglar
The Washington Spectator, May 2016

Black Radical Weeksville
Urban Omnibus, September 2014

When Art Imitates Life on a Chinatown Bus
Next City , March 2016

Dispatches from the Blitz: On the Trail of Biodiversity
Urban Omnibus, September 2015

Anti-Fragile: The Uncertain Future of Arverne East
Urban Omnibus, April 2014

American Guide Field Trips: Floyd Bennett Field, Steinway Village, Triborough Bridge, Sunset Park
Urban Omnibus, May - November 2013

Local Connections: The Red Hook WiFi Project
with Tony Schloss and Jonathan Baldwin
Urban Omnibus, September 2013

Beauty Within Darkness: Khalik Allah Captures 125th and Lex
Urban Omnibus, March 2015

Odyssey Works: The City for an Audience of One
with Abe Burickson
Urban Omnibus, December 2013

Forager’s Metropolis: A Conversation with Marla Emery
Urban Omnibus , September 2015

Living Los Sures, Past and Present
with Chris Allen, Aris Dilone, and Ramon Peguero
Urban Omnibus , October 2014

Cast Iron Symphony: A Concerto for Buildings
with Kevin Moran and Paula Matthusen
Urban Omnibus
, July 2015

The Analytics of Fire
with Jeffrey Roth
Urban Omnibus , June 2014

Selected Edits
Venture Capital’s Commune
by Ava Kofman

Salt Pile
by Dan Adams and Marie Law Adams

Bronx Contours
by Kris Graves

Leaving the Sea: Staten Islanders Experiment with Managed Retreat
by Elizabeth Rush
Winner of 2016 Science in Society Journalism Award from the National Association of Science Writers

Middlewhere: Landscapes of Library Logistics
by Shannon Mattern

The Right to Budget
by John Surico

Tune In: Soundscapes of New York
by Andy Guthrie

Borderlands: Traveling the Brooklyn-Queens Divide
by Joseph Heathcott

Pneumatics Tubes for One New York’s Trash
by Juliette Spertus and Benjamin Miller

Rings of Refuge: The Boxing Gym in a Shrinking City
by Lucia Trimbur

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